April 1st

1. April Fools. I REALLY wanted to call in to work today but I was afraid they’d think I was kidding. I did manage to take an ’emergency half day’ due to the overwhelming amount of moving I needed to accomplish while we still had a moving truck. Thankfully they let me take it. The weather was beautiful– I appreciated the sunshine.

2. Two of Michaels friends from the Police academy were very kind to spend some of their free time helping us move. I really appreciate Jon and Jordan. They didn’t have to help, but I know it meant a lot to Michael and of course myself.

3.Another one of our neighbors came over with these delicious half dollar sized chocolate chip cookies. They were amazing– so good you could taste the butter. JUST like I like them. I am still just blown away by the thoughtfulness. I’m so happy to be here!


Currently on Spotify: Patty Griffin, “Rain”


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