Happy Easter! He is Risen, Christ is Risen!!

1. Due to Michael’s schedule and mine, I celebrated Easter in a different way this year. I queued up a wonderful Easter playlist and sang praise for the resurrection of Jesus while dancing around my living room!

2. Michael and I could not have moved without the help of Kelly and Wes.  The extra set of hands (ESPECIALLY on Easter) were so helpful and appreciated. So happy to be close to such great friends!

3. As we were unloading the moving truck, one of our new neighbors, Kathy, came over and invited us over for Easter dinner. Kathy had made ham, potatoes, and green beans. It was delicious and so thoughtful! It was nice to visit with their whole family and get to know them better. I appreciated this gesture more than they will ever know!

4.Spending the night for the first time. It felt like Christmas… except that I had to get up REALLY early and go to work the following day.


Currently on Spotify: Katy Kinard, “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us”


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