1. All the days are blurring together. Michael and I were both off and needed to run some errands. His first stop–Staples. I love office supply stores, so I didn’t really ask questions. Once we got inside I figured he needed another clipboard for work, maybe some special pens. An associate asks if we need any help and he replied, “Handwriting books? You know the ones kids learn to write letters with.” I just died laughing. We stood in the aisle and analyzed which book would help him re-learn to write better. His handwriting wasn’t holding up at work I suppose.

2. See the lamps up there… I’d like to own them. Michael, I will know you support my blog if you unplug those lamps and purchase this pair for me. 😉 Homegoods.

3. I was working on a self-appointed project with my iPad and came across the educational resources. Wow. A lot of good resources, including math. I have this theory. One day, if or when I have children, I want to reteach myself math. Pay attention to their homework and see how far I can get without help. I never really grasped the concepts past middle school. I’d memorize what I had to to pass the tests. I even struggled in college. Obviously I’m not alone. Have you seen the math equation posts on Facebook? Usually there are 4 answers and 3 are all possible answers if you don’t follow the order of operations or remember the math laws. (Is that the correct terminology?) Anyway if you read the comment feed people answer with all different correct answer posts. They never really reveal which one is correct– I guess you have to really know math to be satisfied knowing you know the right answer.

Anyway– I downloaded what appeared to be a highschool collection of math from Algebra to Geometry. It took me WAY back. I remembered basic foundation but I still missed several questions. The app was neat. It would let you figure the problem out then you’d watch a video where it would show you how to correctly solve the problem.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m thankful for education and knowing that I can always improve my current knowledge. I just have to have a desire to learn.

Currently on Spotify: James Morrison, “Wonderful World”


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